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Expired Domains Associated with WordPress Plugin Show Ads, Scareware
Malicious domain resellers pick up the expired domain names These two domains were quickly picked up ... Both operators decided that, while waiting for someone to buy their new domains, it would be a good idea to hijack all HTTP requests pointing to ...

TP-Link forgets to register domain name, leaves config pages open to hijack
but Dan tweeted that domain name brokers are offering the more popular of the two for $2.5 million. This high price tag is perhaps why TP-Link has declined to buy the name back. New TP-Link devices use tplinkwifi-dot-net and tplinkrepeater-dot-net as their ...

Is Cybersquatting Against the Law?
Cybersquatting, the practice of buying up a domain ... Indeed, there's a whole industry of so-called domain "tasting," whereby companies buy up recently expired domain names, test their traffic ratings, and estimate their profitability.

You Should Renew Your Domains Before They Expire
I remember the first domain I let expire. I bought after hearing about Sesame Street using the domain name in ... you can just buy in bulk and keep it moving. In total, you’ve got about 70 to 75 days to recover an expired domain.

NJ Transit allows web domain name to expire, causing site to disappear for some
Customers searching for bus and train schedule information for the state’s largest transportation agency on the day after a snowstorm instead got a message telling them they could buy ... a.m., NJ Transit officials later confirmed the domain name expired ...

Domain Industry Rocked By Shill Auction Bidding Admission
They often buy and sell individual domains and portfolios with other domain squatters. But the real feeding frenzy is around deleting domains – the domain names that people let expire and that go back into general inventory. The process for expired ... owner wants $650,000 for domain name
"I get a lot of stupid inquires from people who want to buy domains for $500 or $1,000 ... he was accused of bidding against GoDaddy customers in auctions for expired domain names. At the time, GoDaddy said that Dicker was not doing anything illegal.

18 Tools for Picking the Perfect Domain Name
DomainsBot has been operating since 2004, taking your ideas and turning them into names; showing available domain suggestions; alerting you of expired, expiring and for ... you can click purchase and buy through a variety of domain registrars.

DOMAIN TOOLBOX: 30+ Places to Buy and Sell Domains
Still, there are plenty of places to hunt down interesting domains, and here we list some of the better ones. We've also included places to buy and sell more established sites. Domain Name Aftermarket ... Allows you to buy and sell domains from anywhere ...

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