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Cannot Enable SNI SSL for a Hostname
To be able to have an SSL certificate on a custom domain in Azure your website/app must be at least Basic Tier. I was on the Shared Tier which is the cheapest available for a website site with a custo...

Domain registrar and Web host Namecheap begins accepting payment via Bitcoin
As we noted last week, the company had been preparing to accept the currency for some time, and the move is official as announced on its website. Customers can use Bitcoins to purchase Namecheap’s ran...

Turn an Old Mac Into a Cheap VPN with OS X Server
Your VPN will be able to act as a secure means to browse the web and connect to your home network from anywhere ... the status should switch to Available at [Your Host Name]. That means you’re all set ...

Namecheap Partners with Adobe Portfolio to Make Purchasing and Connecting Custom Domain Names Simple, Seamless and Affordable
For subscribers, it's as simple as picking a theme, uploading content and publishing their website using the domain of their choice. With a strong international presence, Adobe Portfolio serves ...

HostBreak Launches Upgraded Dedicated Web Hosting Services in Pakistan
We are giving the least expensive web hosting bundles and furthermore inexpensive domains enrollment across Pakistan; you will not ever locate a cheap and inexpensive web hosting provider and ...

Namecheap releases interesting data about domain registrations
November and October are #2 and #3, respectively. 3. Nearly half of Namecheap’s customers have registered just one domain with the company: The full report is available to download on Namecheap’s webs...

Namecheap Inks Domain Registration Deal With Adobe Portfolio
Phoenix-based domain name registrar Adobe, with Adobe Portfolio, which lets users built a website to showcase their creative work, the company said this morning. According to Namecheap, the deal will ...

Get your Web domain name -- cheap
(IDG) -- PROBLEM: You want a Web domain ... Adding domain-name hosting would have increased that to $54 a month, not including $100 in one-time setup fees." Then one day he surfed across a banner ad f...

Building An Analytics-Centric Organization
When I left MIT in 1993 for Intel, anyone could clearly see that computational power was advancing at a staggering rate and that the World Wide Web along with the broader ... integrating across operat...

This site helps you find cheap startup domain names that aren’t completely shit
That said, if you’re what the kids call a serial entrepreneur, or are in the business of buying domain names and then flipping them for eye-watering sums, it’s a bit of a bargain. Of course, Domainz i...

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