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Discovering Hidden Email Gateways with OSINT Techniques
In our research, we relied on a combination of open data sources to identify the hostname of the relevant ... the British bank Barclays owns the domain name, which was used ...

Basics of CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)
Discover how to provide active runtime protection for your web applications ... The origin is not only domain. — the origin could be the combination of the Host name, Port number, and URI ...

How Domain Name Servers Work
If we had to remember the IP addresses of all our favorite Web ... BBC's domain under CO, an additional level created by the domain name authority responsible for the UK country code. The left-most wo...

Working with the WebLogic Server Tools
However, you can also use this utility to manage and monitor the WebLogic Server domains by invoking methods against the WebLogic Server Mbeans, which requires you to understand the WebLogic Server Mb...

Make Your Own URL Shortening Service
Copy all those strings of characters for the database's name, host name ... of your existing domain name, fill out the sub-folders and, again, leave off the slash. Your last setup step is to fire up y...

14.6. Samba Network Browsing
Without NetBIOS and WINS as the primary method for TCP/IP hostname ... Also, the domain master browser should preferably be the local master browser for its own subnet. There can only be one domain ma...

What Does Your Internet Service Provider Know About You?
In most cases, what they see is the domain ... ISP see a website URL? No. All they see is the VPN’s IP address or a Tor exit node. Can the ISP see the full URL when HTTPS protocol is used? No. What’s ...

Domain registrar and Web host Namecheap begins accepting payment via Bitcoin
As we noted last week, the company had been preparing to accept the currency for some time, and the move is official as announced on its website. Customers can use Bitcoins to purchase Namecheap’s ran...

How Big Is the Web & How Fast Is It Growing?
However, a few organizations do make it their business to keep an eye on the domain names that make up the Internet as the web continues its rapid sprawl throughout the infinite expanses of cyberspace ...

DNS (Domain Name System)
The nslookup command can be used to find various details relating to a particular DNS (Domain Name System) such as IP address, MX records, etc. Go to the command prompt and type in nslookup host_name ...

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