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Top search results for “Domain Name”
Instead of pulling the FAQ response, Google shows’s meta description: Find your perfect domain name. From premium domains to cheap domains, search for and register your domain with a...

Trademarks 101: Your 10 Biggest Questions, Answered
But how much do you understand about the trademark process? Here are the answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions surrounding trademarks ... 7. Should I register my company’s name or logo? ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
... abuses committed in their name (as it is their name on the registration, unless they decloak the anonymity): Any Registered Name Holder that intends to license use of a domain name to a th...

Look-Alike Domains and Visual Confusion
How good are you at telling the difference between domain names you know and trust and impostor or look ... I’d read the Mozilla Wiki’s IDN Display Algorithm FAQ,” so I had an idea of what Mozilla was ...

DNS and Active Directory Integration
name registration, name resolution and service location for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 clients, and locates domain controllers for logon. A DNS server is a computer running the DNS Server se...

Outlook Premium, Microsoft’s subscription email service, starts trials at $3.99 per month
According to an FAQ ... with domain provider GoDaddy to help Premium customers acquire the domain they want to use with their personalized email address. This domain will also be free for the first ye...

10 Options for Hosting Your Startup Website
Funds only go so far, so your startup website ... domain registration, cPanel demonstrations and dedicated SSL certificates. However, there is a limit of 25 domains for its top plan, and no cloud or r...

Ravencoin Asset FAQ
I’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions. The word “token ... This is confusing. If asset names must be unique, then who gets them first? The first one to register the name on the chai...

My own private Internet: .secure TLD floated as bad-guy-free zone
Sites with .secure addresses could mandate even stricter controls if they want, and could rely on the service's domain name system to automatically ... Stamos has published answers to a list of freque...

How to Perform a DNS Lookup
This set of information could include pieces like domain availability, IP addresses, name servers, expiration date, registration/creation date, owner of the domain, etc. Many websites provide online t...

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