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Godaddy releases domain name appraisal tool to the public
New appraisal tool will give you a free and quick domain name appraisal. GoDaddy has made its much-improved automated domain name valuation tool available to the public. The beta tool allows anyone to ...

Flippa Changes Its Domain Appraisals Tool To Further Cut Down “Free” Auctions
Flippa launched its crowdsourced Domain Appraisal ... for every 15 appraisals placed. Flippa gave out nearly $100,000 in Flippa credit during this promotional period. But Flippa made a strategic decis...

Sedo Introduces Industry’s First Free Price Suggestion Tool for Optimizing Domain Name Sales
By using fixed prices, domain name sellers can significantly increase their chances ... and market efficiency in the secondary market.” Sedo users can order a free auto appraisal through the Price Sug...

Leapfish Launches Another Meta Search Engine No One Will Ever Use
Last I heard about Leapfish (this was a couple of years ago), they ran a useless but fun tool that provided you with a free appraisal for your domain name based on a variety of ratings and criteria. N...

Free Valuator
With the free domain valuation tool of Free Valuator you can get a preview of what the value is of a domain name. Free Valuator calculates the ... Free Valuator also offers professional domain apprais...

GoDaddy now offers free domain appraisals, but…
To be fair, this appraisal system likely isn’t designed with super-premium domains in mind. To try GoDaddy’s free appraisal tool, select “Domain Name Appraisals” from the “Auctions” drop down box.

The deepest problem with deep learning
I think — and I am saying this for the public record, feel free to quote me — deep ... in my January 2018 Deep Learning: A Critical Appraisal article, in which I explicitly said ...

Artist's Toolbox: 30+ Places to Promote Your Art
After signing up for a free account you will have the ability to submit your ... allow you to build your own website with the use of pre-made templates, your own domain name and inclusion in their sea...

ICYMI: The corporate grab behind the Yosemite trademark clash
Indeed, the firm says it's willing to allow the Park Service free use of all the trademarks ... it's all worth $51.2 million, based on an appraisal it commissioned covering 32 trademarks, Internet dom...

TalkTalk, Script Kids & The Quest for ‘OG’
After that, he could no longer log in to his Outlook account because someone had changed his password and removed his recovery email address (changing it to a free and disposable ... Could the ISP ple...

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