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Anti-Trump group buys VP domain names
Jeff Sessions Jefferson (Jeff) Beauregard Sessions Bannon: Sessions an 'excellent' AG, Trump 'wrong' about recusal Clinton blasts Trump immigration policy separating kids from parents: ‘We have to act ...

She’s helped launch thousands of products
“I buy domain names like most woman buy shoes,” she says ... but every person they’re connected with. Because of social media, we all have incredible reach and the power to reach hundreds, if not thou...

Crypto World Journal tries to reverse domain name hijack
Buying a domain name with the hopes that someday someone will want to buy it is not cybersquatting ... I know that my client tried to reach out to you previously, but we did not have your name or emai...

We visit VFX house Digital Domain to see how the Marvel magic is created
We were lucky enough to spend a day with the two wickedly sharp brains behind this incredibly ambitious project, and what was learned at the Digital Domain studios will be ... Blu-ray and DVD on Augus...

The Internet Has Run Out of Four-Letter Dot-Com Names
If you want a snappy dot-com URL, you'll have to buy it from ... letter dot-com domain names are left unregistered on the Internet, according to new research by, a Croatian startup that ana...

As internet ‘spoofing’ gets better, you may surf into a sea of sharks
“We see a ton of them being used maliciously,” said Mikko ... Not so long ago, companies would buy common domain names that were almost like their normal websites, but off by a letter to ensure clumsy ...

Seniors Choice News Magazine Releases Domain Name
And of course the specialists often have a huge network of people who buy and sell without there having ... they're not out hunting domain names." "It's easy to forget that what we're making available ...

Adobe Spark Page makes web design easy — here’s how to use it
Web pages made with Spark Page are hosted by Adobe, which means you don’t have to buy a domain to create yours (that’s also ... or a webpage for an event. We created a travel journal using Spark Page ...

Crypto Visa card company Monaco just spent millions to buy
Highly-prized domain name has been sold ... “This is a very powerful identity that we are taking on. It’s representative of the entire category so it comes with a huge responsibility on us ...

GoDaddy Is Unprepared For The Future Of Domain Names
Because these competitors have the advantage of being able to buy domains from their in-house registries ... lack of suitability of the firm for the future of the domain name market. Disclosure: I/we ...

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